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Becoming a Freddie Mac Seller/Servicer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Partner with Freddie Mac.

Join the Winning Team - See the benefits of becoming a Freddie Mac Seller/Servicer. To get started, please complete the following:

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If you are in the information gathering stage for Freddie Mac approval, please review the Minimum Eligibility Requirements and Definitions for further information.

If you are ready to proceed with the application for Seller and Servicer approval, please complete the information below. This will help us meet your needs.

1.Please select an institution type from the list below:
Federally Regulated Institution that is:
A depository insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC Logo
A Credit Union insured by the National Credit Union Administration NCUA Logo
A GSE regulated by the Federal Housing Finance Agency FHFA Logo
Mortgage Banker that is:
A subsidiary or parent of a depository institution or part of a bank or bank holding company
An other privately or publicly held company
Holding Company
Insurance Company
State Housing Agency
State Insured Financial Institution

Inactive hide details for General/Company HistoryGeneral/Company History

1.Is anyone at Freddie Mac currently assisting you with your application?
2.What type of business do you want to do with Freddie Mac?
3.Why do you want to do business with Freddie Mac?
4.How many years has the business entity been involved in the Mortgage Loan Origination business?
Years: Months:
5.What is the net worth of your institution?$
6.Has your organization been profitable for the past 4 quarters?
7.What is your projected total origination volume over the next 12 months?$
8.What will be Freddie Mac’s percentage of the projected origination volume? %
9.Do you currently use Loan Prospector?
10.What written policies and procedures do you have in place?

Inactive hide details for BackgroundBackground

1.Are there any pending lawsuits filed against your company and/or its employees? Specifically, industry related (e.g., "breach of contract," etc.)
2.Have there been any regulatory actions or sanctions filed against the company and/or its employees within the past 5 years (FDIC/HUD/NCUA/CFPB/Federal Banking or State Regulators)?
3Are there any background issues you would like to bring to our attention?

Inactive hide details for ComplianceCompliance

1.Do you have a designated compliance officer?
2.What is your approach to fraud management and what tools do you use?
3.Do you have a written Anti-Predatory Lending (APL) policy?

Inactive hide details for Origination, Underwriting, Quality ControlOrigination, Underwriting, Quality Control

1.How long have you been originating conforming loans?
Years: Months:
2.What type of products do you originate?
3.What is your product mix (refi % vs purchase %)?
Origination Composition
Conventional - Purchase
Conventional - Refinance
FHA / VA - Purchase
FHA / VA - Refinance
Jumbo - Purchase
Jumbo - Refinance
The total percentage of originations must equal 100%.
4.How do you use Quality Control Results?

Inactive hide details for Secondary MarketingSecondary Marketing

1.Do you have experience originating loans for sale to investors?
2.Was your institution issued any repurchases in the last 5 years?

Inactive hide details for Third Party Home Mortgage OriginationsThird Party Home Mortgage Originations

1.Are you applying for Third-Party Originated Delivery (in addition to retail)?

Inactive hide details for ConclusionConclusion

1.Any additional information that you would like to submit?